Touch Surgery Dynamic

A Medtronic Digital Surgery™ mobile app that supports the training of Mako Product Specialists at Stryker Corporation

Director of Gameplay & UX
Instructional Designer
Project Manager

User journey & story maps
Instructional design & copy
3D models and animation


At the time of this app release, Mako Product Specialists (MPSs) were trained infrequently, in small numbers and at significant expense. There was little opportunity to impart complex concepts and workflows before they were deployed in the field.



A significant problem I had to solve for this project was simulating the features and behaviours of the reference software with no direct access to it. Research trips like the one I made to New Jersey, USA (I am on the left of this image with arms folded), and close—sometimes daily—interviews and collaboration with external stakeholders allowed me to drill down into the journeys and pain-points experienced both by MPSs and the people who train them.


Though we had to reproduce most of the functionality of the reference software, I took care in the design of the user interface to avoid overwhelming the user with the sheer density of information that is presented to them. Transitions between control modalities and screens were always animated to maintain continuity and keep the user oriented.


The reference software is information dense, with various submenus and modals. 

Distilling this down for phones an tablets was an enjoyable process with much iteration.

Testing was conducted frequently to ensure that users could transfer skills and knowledge to the real-world Mako software with minimal disorientation


The app was ultimately best used as a preparatory rather than an assessment tool—training and validation of MPSs continued in conventional forums.



Case Study: Touch Surgery Dynamic (2018)

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